Popular applications Skype and PayPal have officially collaborated for the introducing of a new feature called ‘Send Money.’ The latest feature will appear on Skype, and according to the company, it is specifically designed to make the life of the Skype users much easier and convenient.

The latest ‘Send Money’ feature is expected to help users transfer money using Skype. This is possible, thanks to the support extended by PayPal. The services provided by PayPal will be given support on the Skype messaging platform. The announcement of this news was made on Skype’s official blog post.

Skype and Paypal collaboration

In other words, users need not worry about the hassle of switching between two applications. One can simply choose to transfer or even receive money directly via Skype. Previously, if one needed to make an online transfer, he/she would have to exit Skype and probably switch back onto PayPal. But that clearly has changed, and thus the procedures of making payments have been made much easier.

Users will now be able to receive and send money while chatting with their colleagues, friends or family members. The functionality of the ‘Send Money’ feature is quite simple by nature. Users are simply asked to confirm their location before making use of the ‘Send Money’ feature.

For now, there are only a few locations that PayPal has extended its support in, as far as Skype is concerned.

If the users fall in that category of support, they are certainly given the chance to transfer the funds. The readers are advised to note that they will have to link their PayPal accounts with Skype in order to make use of this feature.

Feature will work on the latest version of the Skype

Other things that are required to be kept in mind is that the users must make use of the latest version of the Skype mobile app.

Even the recipients must make use of the latest version of Skype; otherwise, the fund's transfer will be unsuccessful. Skype and PayPal have launched this application for both, Android and iOS platforms.

In order to try this feature out, readers are encouraged to download the latest version of these apps. This particular feature is only available in 22 countries as of now.

Even though the company hasn’t made mention of any dates of the launch of this feature in other markets, it can be expected soon enough as the development regarding the same is underway.Stay tuned for more updates.

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