Volta is basically a cipher term for Nvidia’s upcoming next generation of graphics architecture. Graphics architecture is an alternative mode of labeling a chip’s design; the pattern on which the numerous different products are stranded. NVIDIA CEO Mr. Jensen Huang revealed that this revolution will fuel the modern set of GPUs in the coming times. He further mentioned that Volta design is the eventual power that any system needs.

A Powerful GPU

Some rumors also assume that Volta architecture will be accessible in the market in this year, though, with the launch of Tesla V100, the comparisons are soaring as [eople wonder if Volta will have as significant features as Tesla.

Tesla V100 uses GV100 GPU which is very resourceful for the modern systems. Previously, all the consumer cards from NVidia had used GDDR memory and the Tesla V100 is anticipated to use high bandwidth memory - HBM2. Subsequently; there are evolving buzzes that claim the Volta architecture may use GeForce care.

Features and specs

The customer base for data center GPUs is essentially greater. This is the unique approach that NVIDIA has remarkably executed in the recent years. The company has also started exposing GPU cards made of Volta architecture to the data centers. However, presently, it is foreseeable that the firm will announce GPUs for the gaming segment soon as well. If rumors are accurate, then the forthcoming GPU will be announced under the company’s Gtx 20-series class.

Some rumors presently place Volta as the brainpower behind the power of next-gen GTX 20-series cards, for instance, the present-fictional GTX 2080.

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Others have presumed that 20-series will merely be the modernized replica of the modern Pascal architecture. Mr. Jensen Huang, at the latest event, even gave the audience a first preview into what the modern invention has to offer. Huang presented a clip from the upcoming game Final Fantasy XV during the GPU [VIDEO] Technology Conference in 2017.The reports say that the game has exceptional quality and is rendered by processors that were Volta-based. However, it is somewhat early to claim that Volta will give such substantial performance as it is not clear what process Volta’s GPU will use. Mr. Huang thinks that there is a chance that Volta will end up using processors from TSMC, 12nm, a renowned company that has been manufacturing chips for the organization over a long period of time.