The Nintendo Switch created quite a stir when it first came out last March. The only problem is that most have been having a hard time getting one at the right price. There Game Consoles available at select sites though they are priced a bit higher. With the scarce availability, one only has to look at the law of supply and demand to figure out why some have taken advantage to earn extra profit. For their part, Nintendo hopes to stabilize the problem by ramping up production on their end. With the holidays fast approaching, demand for the Nintendo Switch is expected to rise and the Japanese company wants to make sure that there is ample supply for the season.

Factoring in demand

Right now, Nintendo is doing its homework in terms of forecasting demand. Aware that their game console has been a huge hit so far, the Japanese company has factored in the expected kick in demand for the Christmas season – something expected to reel in more profit, according to the Wall Street Journal. The actual plan of Nintendo is to ship 10 million units by March 31, 2018. The numbers look to be more than enough. But with most consumers likely to go on shopping sprees, this Christmas, Nintendo can benefit with more units available at retail stores as soon as they can have them available.

New batch to offer something new?

Overall, the impact the Nintendo Switch has rendered has been mind-boggling.

About 4.7 million units have been sold worldwide as of June 30 according to Game Spot, and one can just imagine how those numbers would grow if the game consoles are readily available. This is despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch has some missing features other consoles offer. That would include streaming services, playable games and better HD settings.

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Seeing as how the device debuted only this year, iterations are expected moving forward.

Nintendo is aware that the Switch has been a huge hit despite skepticism in terms of how it would perform prior to its March launch. Likewise aware that Sony and Microsoft may have the same thing in mind, Nintendo needs to dig deep and figure out how to earn a larger profit with more units available in the market.

There is no official word on when Nintendo plans to release and stock up on consoles as of this writing. It could start as early as October, depending on how fast the production team is able to come up with the units. Either way, the thing to consider here is that they will allegedly be available this Christmas, hopefully at the same price, and with some improvements.