Mere weeks away from the launch of the long-awaited iPhone 8, rumors are still abuzz about the impending handset. This time there are two new rumors regarding the device and both of these are pretty important ones. The first rumor, as reported by Forbes, mainly concerns the launch date of the iPhone 8. The second rumor arising from Weibo hints at the possibility of three different variants of the device on the basis of flash storage.

iPhone 8 unveil date confirmed?

The Forbes report also cites previous rumors suggesting that Apple will most-likely reveal the next-gen smartphone on September 12. French site Mac4Ever reaffirms the date and reports that it has corroborating information from French telecom industry that the launch date for the handset will be September 12.

The company will also launch the iPhone 7s [VIDEO] and the iPhone 7s Plus on the same date.

While Apple has yet to confirm the reveal date, nonetheless, the report from Mac4Ever seems to be a dependable source of information.


Since mobile carriers need time to prepare for the imminent launch of a handset along with staff allocation and marketing campaigns, it seems quite natural that the telecom industry will be aware of the launch date prior to all others. The launch date will also undermine most of the other handsets that are being launched during the IFA event, as their release date will be around the same time as the launch of Apple's flagship.

Three variants of the iPhone 8?

Rumors from a different source also seems to point to Apple releasing not one or two, but three different versions of the flagship device. A post on Chinese microblogging website Weibo hints at the company launching three storage capacity versions of the device. The base version of the handset will sport 64 GB of storage, same as that of the iPhone 7.

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The second variant will come with 256 GB of flash storage, while the highest-tiered variant will possess 512 GB of internal storage. However, all of the three will be backed by 3 GB of RAM.

Another Weibo user posted an image of the purported NAND 64 GB flash storage module that he said will be included in the iPhone 8. He further mentioned that the 64 GB and 256 GB module will be supplied by SanDisk alongside Toshiba as a secondary supplier. The 512 GB memory module will be supplied by Samsung and SK Hynix. This is the first time that SanDisk has been referenced as a supplier of NAND flash modules for the iPhone 8, although previous reports have mentioned the possibility of Samsung, Toshiba, and SK Hynix as possible suppliers.