More than 60 former and current Google employees are considering the possibility of a group claim against the company on the charges of sexism and unequal pay based on gender, the Guardian newspaper reported.

Women are paid less than men at Google

According to attorney James Finberg, the women employees are paid less than men at Google even if they have equal qualifications and work the same position. He said, “they are concerned that women are channeled to levels and positions that pay less than men with similar education and experience.”

According to the lawyer, the employees told him that there are cases when a man occupying a lower position earns more than their female bosses.

So, one of the women reported that her annual salary was $40,000 less than that of a male colleague in the same position and other woman said that she earns only two-thirds of the total income of a male.

Another current employee said she knew of 12 cases of dismissal of women due to gender discrimination. According to the Guardian, one former senior manager at Google left her job because her earnings were tens of thousands of dollars less than men with whom she worked at the same level and one male employee who joined her team had a higher salary than her despite the fact that she was his senior.

Google noted that decisions about a number of wages are taken on the basis of many criteria, but not gender.

More than sixty women raised their voice against Google's paying scale criteria and reached out to the attorney. But, half of them are still working at Google. Finberg mentioned that the reason many women left their job at Google was discrimination.

Google fired its software engineer

Earlier, a software engineer at Google James Damore confirmed that he was fired from Alphabet Inc corporation after he published a document in which he suggested that women are less able to work in technical areas due to biological differences, the Daily Mail reported.

It was widely condemned as misogynistic and scientifically was not accurate. His memo was published by Motherboard (technology based news website ) on Monday and it contained 3,300 words.

According to the Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Damore has violated the code of conduct of a company through his memo. He also said that all the employees have the freedom to express their views but saying that women are less biologically suited to work at Google was offensive. Danielle Brown (diversity head at Google) denounced the memo and said that it advanced wrong assumptions about gender.