LG V30 is the tech company’s newest smartphone flagship that is set for launch at the end of August. Latest news suggests that the upcoming device will boast of an Oled Display, which is a first for the LG mobile. Although LG has been known to making leaks that seem to be of no use, the company is expected to reveal the details of the new V30 in the coming days prior to the launch.

LG V30 will be the first FullVision OLED display

The new LG device will not only be the first OLED smartphone for the tech giant. Several reports have confirmed that it will also be the first device to carry FullVision OLED display. The report means that the 2880 x 1440 18:9 almost bezel-free screen, which is also featured on LG Q6 and G6, will be showcased as an LCD incarnation.

Also, V30 is reported to come with 6-inches screen size- the largest in four years yet but will have a smaller body compared to LG V20.

The LGV30, meantime, will not be using a single component from the old OLED structure. Reports have also revealed that the new smartphone will use P-OLED or Plastic OLED, which is more bendable compared to a regular glass-based OLED display. The P-OLED feature will reportedly be used for when the screen needs some curve movements, further suggesting that its edges are curved for a better feel and more ergonomic design. Wccf Tech also reported that LGV30’s FullVision P-OLED curved edge screen is expected to be just the same as most other devices in the high-end market, given its 148 percent RGB, 109 percent DCI-P3 color gamuts, and HDR10 support.

LG V30 likely comes with a “floating bar”

LG’s upcoming device may appear a bit different from the previous generations.

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According to reports, the new smartphone is dropping the V series’ second screen for the new “floating bar.” It should be noted that the V series is the company’s most advanced smartphone line that has made headlines because of its extra display as a shortcut for contacts and apps. This exact feature has set the devices apart from other high-end Android phones. However, recent reports have suggested that LG is dropping this unique feature.

The BGR India publication has claimed that LGV30 will instead feature a “floating bar” that is believed to still provide quick access to notifications and shortcuts, although no other detail has been known about the leaked feature. Meantime, the soon to be available device is said to be compatible with Google Daydream.