LG is rumored to release the flagship smartphone V30 soon. It will compete with the samsung galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8. According to Android Authority, the flagship will come up with two models and will cost $700 and $850, respectively. The device will feature some cutting-Edge specs and features like a 6-inch QHD+ display, with a resolution of 2880x1440 pixels and USB-C Type for connectivity. Though, the coming smartphone will be smaller than last year’s V20 (based on the images going viral) regardless of sporting a greater 6-inch display. Also, LG titles to have slightly condensed the top and foot bezels by 20 per cent and 50 per cent correspondingly.

The design of the device

The logo has been relocated to the back of the smartphone. The Full Vision display hints the incidence of rarer bezels comparable to that of the lately released Samsung Galaxy S8 series. Tech consultants are of the opinion that an Oled Display will simply devour less power and moreover provides boosted battery life. Though, a seeped image of the device shows the non-curved part on the foot portion. Therefore, the smartphone will not provide the similar looking gaze and sensation as the Galaxy S8 but will only be somewhat tapered.

Specs and features

With 18:9 Full Vision aspect ratio, the LG V30 will deliver back-up for HDR10. In his latest statement Mr. Juno Cho, the President, LG Electronics Mobile revealed that the firm is profoundly discovering OLED display as it carries exceptional value for the smartphones.

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The Plastic OLED screen on the phone hints that ends can be arched for a more manageable fit in the operator’s hand. The trusted sources discovered that the accumulation of a plastic OLED display supports the firm to create curved edges on the boundaries. Cho approved that the competition is enthusiastic in the mobile segment. Henceforth, they chose to integrate OLED display in the forthcoming flagship.

The LG V30 is anticipated to be a resilient competitor to the first-rate iPhone 8, estimated to be launched with the same display. The LG V30 is supposed to run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Chipset with 64GB onboard storage and 4 GB RAM. The smartphone will run on a 3,300mAh battery with support for wireless charging. Rumors also believe that it will take the G6’s course and have a 13MP dual-camera setup accompanied by a fingerprint sensor at the back. Stay tuned for more technology updates.