The South Korean tech giant, LG, has taken the wraps off the latest variant of its G6 series. Dubbed 'Plus', the new version's purpose is to offer more storage. Prior to its release, 64GB was the biggest storage option, though now with the G6 Plus that has been upped to 128GB. Here is everything we know about the device so far.

LG G6 Plus: Besides the 128GB, is there anything else to look for?

Specs wise, the G6 Plus is identical to the original G6, featuring the same 5.7-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 821 CPU and 4GB of RAM. Two additions have been made; B&O Play earphones and 32-bit hi-fi Quad DAC audio.

Color variants in which the G6 Plus will be available include Astro Black, Marine Blue and Terra Gold.

Furthermore, in its respective press release, LG unveiled plans of expanding wireless charging to beyond the US, Korea and Australia. It has not mentioned any specific countries, though our sources tell us that the company is mainly targeting Europe, as at the moment it is the only developed-market that was not provided with a wireless charging option.

Additionally, LG mentioned that current G6 owners will be receiving a major software update soon, which will include a low power consumption mode, facial unlocking - Face Print - and a warning if the user inadvertently covers the camera lens with his finger.

The update will be released sometime in July for G6 devices. We are quite confident that the G6 will come with the update pre-installed.

The LG G6 Plus will be packing Google's Android 7.0 Nougat straight out of the box

Pricing and availability: Will it be available in my country?

Not much info has been shared regarding the pricing and the global release of the handset.

As of now, all we know is that the G6 Plus will be hitting the Korean shelves next month. We do expect the device to be a little more expensive than the 64GB version. The latter one retails for - approximately - $500 off-contract, hence expect Plus to set you back at least $600.

Any foreseeable discounts?

It is worth noting though that since it has been three months since the G6 was launched, we would advise anyone planning on purchasing it to wait until August, which is usually when the G series undergo their first substantial price cut.

Based on the previous years, we project that consumers will be able to save about $50, if they wait for a couple more months.

What are your thoughts on the new LG G6 Plus? Feel free to sound off in the comments below.