The iPhone 8 looms as a device that may need time to get used to with reports of yet another big change for the redesigned flagship. While most are already aware of the OLED display screens, it appears that there is one feature tied up to that.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the redesigned flagship will do away with the iconic home button to make room for a larger screen display. Instead, the upcoming smartphone will come with an on-screen gesture control.

A whole new interface

This means that potential iPhone buyers may need some time to adjust to the new interface. The iPhone 7 came out with a static home button, something that hardly required hard presses from previous models.

Now, folks will have to get used to a thin software bar to execute several actions and/or commands.

The removal of the home button has been mentioned on several occasions in the past. That non-movable home button of the iPhone 7 was a sign of things to come – though not many expected it to be totally taken out.

Part of that may be because most have gotten used to the traditional design of the iPhone. The focus was more on the shift from TFT-LCD to OLED plus other features that were more advanced.

Will the iPhone 8 be too complicated to use?

There are plenty of features to ponder as far as the redesigned iPhone is concerned. Aside from the screen, other new features mentioned include advanced wireless charging capabilities, muting notifications and face scanning technology. With those array of new features, it may very well justify why the iPhone 8 could hit the $1,000 price range.

Once out, there will be many new device owners likely groping for form. The interface alone may need some time to get used to, something likely to be complicated in the first few days.

All that should be answered by Sept. 12, the day when Apple unveils its new line of iPhones. Aside from the redesigned iPhone 8, there will be the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus coming out alongside it.

The two phones are the Cupertino company’s last TFT-LCD phones, looming as alternative devices to get in case buyers find the newly redesigned Apple device too expensive. If not pricing, the 7S line may also end up as alternatives in case stock problems plague the iPhone 8.

The coming weeks should be interesting with top brand phones expected to be unveiled. Aside from Apple, there is also Samsung with its Galaxy Note 8 series. Seeing how the Galaxy Note 7 bombed out, that too is another option in case consumers find the iPhone 8 too expensive to get.