Apple has tried to make the iPad Pro as flexible as possible in an effort to woo consumers looking for portable computing machines. Right now, the tablet can technically do so via Bluetooth technology which could serve as a means of hooking up a wireless keyboard.

There are plenty of Bluetooth or wireless keyboards in the market that can be easily hooked to an Ipad Pro. The only problem is that there are concerns about the longevity of use. With a Bluetooth-powered keyboard, its functionality will only come in handy if the batteries hold up.

Expanding the possibilities

To users, that battery-issue tied up to keyboards or other attachable peripherals may hardly matter. Seeing the fast-evolving world of computing, improvements are always welcome.


Hence, the word out of seeing more Smart Connectors for the iPad Pro could make sense. The first thing that comes to mind is future changes to the ports of the Apple tablet.

One only has to refer to the changes made to the iPhone 7. As most know, gone are the headphone jacks with users forced to put the sole port beneath the smartphone for various uses. As far as private audio listening is concerned, the Cupertino company has added an adapter to alternate with Bluetooth earphones. Could the iPad Pro be doing away with that in the future?

Future iPad Pros to follow iPhone 7 lead

It would not be surprising if that is what Apple has in mind. For now, however, the search for more Smart Connector vendors seems more inclined to offer Apple users more flexibility.

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Hence, seeing Smart Connectors made for different uses in the future should not be surprising. A simple visit to accredited Apple stores shows plenty of connectivity options ranging from functionality to display rendering. With plenty of possibilities, new connectors are technically made to broaden the possibilities and make sure there is a solution ready when users look for it.

The Apple Smart Connector came out in 2015 and is still present in the entire iPad Pro line. One for the iPhone has yet to come out, so this Smart Connector plan may touch both devices. The only ones available in the market right now come either from Apple or Logitech only, Apple Insider points out.

If new connectors do come out, they are not expected to be perfect.


Most are reminded that these are only improvised alternatives – meaning all Apple wants to do is cover all the bases as much as it can for connectivity solutions to its product lines.