Back in March at Baselworld 2017, Diesel announced the first of its debut line of Android Wear watches. The "On" smartwatch collection consists of five models with the first, the On Full Guard, made available on Tuesday exclusively through Macy's. The $325 model comes in a black case with either a brown or black leather strap while the $350 version has black and gold stainless steel bracelets.The device is now available for purchase at Macy's Department Stores. The remaining four models will be released on September 25.

On aesthetics

While most Android Wear smartwatches have large bezels and thick bodies, the On Full Guard deviates a little from this design.

The Diesel wearable may not necessarily be considered a small watch, but its shape and size look sensible on the wrist. The edges around the display have a subtle slope that integrates the screen into the body. There are four side pieces to the screen including two buttons and two fake screw heads. This same design matches that of Diesel's analog watches. The crown is in between two guard pieces and the brand name is stamped on the body. Overall, the device is lightweight and comfortable.

Diesel analog watches are known for the colored and iridescent crystal coating, which gives it a striking multi colored effect. This same look is replicated on the On Full Guard except that it is digital using custom watch faces.

This feature can be incorporated to any of the three Diesel watch faces. The effect changes the color on the screen as the watch is moved around. In addition, the hands, face, and movement can be customized. The style of the face can be changed in three modes depending on the weather, user activity, and notification settings.

A closer look

As announced, the smartwatch will run on Android Wear 2.0, which allows apps to be loaded onto the watch itself. Since the number of useful apps is limited, the watch will probably be most useful for navigation, music control, and notifications. The crown button prompts the app screen. The button at the top opens the mode changer, which activates weather, activity, and do not disturb functions.

The bottom button, on the other hand, is for browsing Google apps and services. Google Assistant is activated after a long press of the crown. A screen swipe up reveals the notifications while a downward swipe gives access to the control center.

The On Full Guard is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and has support for IP67 water resistance. As for battery life, it promises a day worth of usage on one charge. In addition, the company also has plans on launching its very own voice assistant as a companion for its new Android Wear smartwatch. The app is called T-ON-I, which is an acronym for Time, Organizing, Notification, Intelligence. With all that and more coming up, Diesel fans have plenty of exciting things to look forward to.

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