Google announced the ‘Instant Apps’ features back in 2016, during its I/O conference. It took a whole year for the platform to gain recognition among users. The ‘Instant Apps’ platform is simply Google’s efforts towards extending its technological reach to regions with slow-internet services. The company recently took to its official blog website to make an announcement, stating that Instant Apps is supported on 500+ million devices now.

In a post on Android Developers Blog, it was stated by Google that most of the regions that operate on Google Play, can now install ‘Instant Apps’ on their different devices. They further went on to remind the audience about when ‘Instant Apps’ were introduced during the I/O conference back in 2016.

The post went on to talk about Google’s initiative to expand its reach in terms of how many devices they support. They began by making the app more compatible with most of the devices. Through the use of ‘Instant Apps,’ users can operate any platform downloaded from Google Play store without having to install it.

The app can even run on slow internet

According to a report published by TechRadar, ‘Instant Apps’ was specially designed for areas that have poor or low internet connectivity. Most of these areas are in the developing world, but even some places that desperately need it, such as India, can't get it. Those users that can access it can use an Android app without having to actually install it. This way, not only does it take up very little space on the smartphone but it also makes use of less amounts of mobile data.

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For example, if a user wants to get content that is available on a particular platform on the internet, and that content is also accessible through its app, users can simply launch the app from the app option, get the content and be gone. This way, one does not even need to install the app on the smartphone.

‘Instant App’ functionality

However, developers of the apps also need to extend support for the ‘Instant App’ functionality. The report by TechRadar suggests that there are only roughly 50 apps right now, which come with support for Android’s latest app option. Among these apps is Vimeo, a video-streaming platform. It is actually pretty simple to activate the ‘Instant Apps’ option as users are simply required to go to the ‘Settings’ option, choose ‘Google’ from the menu tab and activate the app's feature which is available on the page. Be sure to turn the ‘Opt In’ option on in the menu as well. Stay tuned for more news, rumors, and updates on technology.