Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is willing to launch the new channel which is ready to compete with the big TV networks. After excellent achievements in the field of Social Media, Mark Zuckerberg came to the world of broadcasting with a hope of great success.

Facebook: now a broadcaster?

We are discussing Facebook and its latest development 'Facebook TV.' Precisely, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the introduction of 'Watch' section on Facebook where the users will be able to watch videos and TV programs in a new way. 'Facebook Watch' is a new way of watching videos and television programs that will allow a broad interaction while viewing with millions of users, unlike television or YouTube with whom you share the experience.

The initial phase of the project involves a narrow audience in the United States that will test the novelty before launching it into the ocean of the populous and most used social network (made up of over 2 billion people).

For a long time, the idea has been just a corridor voice, but now it has become a reality, and certainly, it will be innovative with cutting-edge features that will shake the competition.

The 'Watch' section

Facebook 'Watch' will be a section which will allow access to watch videos including sports, music, entertainment shows, cooking, talent and also TV series episodes. Mark Zuckerberg's idea goes even further, aiming to create bonds and connections based on mutual passions such as sports or television.

Content can be produced by professionals, but will not be the only option. Amateur videos will also be able to pick up and become viral. The application will be usable on all platforms with which we usually connect to Facebook: computers, smartphones, iPad, smart TV and all mobile devices.

With the new section 'Watch' you will be able to know which of your friends are watching your own program which will allow you to comment together with others or 'spy.'

Also, the section will report the most visually appealing and enjoyable content.

Obviously, you will be able to watch live videos or record and create a Watch list of your favorite episodes, so you will not miss one.

Programs that will air on the new platform will often be produced specifically for it: this circumstance already creates a strong competition with the big TV networks and distributors but at the same time opens up new growth prospects. The TV will now be really on the web, simple and fast, but mostly shared.