Apple has not yet officially revealed what the new iPhone 8 will look like, but McDonald’s has allegedly disclosed images of the new iPhone in one of its promotional emails. According to The Sun, the Fast Food giant sent out the email with the photo of the phone to the subscribers of their delivery service.

The photo of the iPhone looked different from the mobile device units that are currently sold in the market. This made customers believe that the restaurant knew something about the design of Apple's much-anticipated mobile device, The Sun added. Was it a leaked information from the restaurant?

McDonald’s denied that they have information about the design of the new iPhone 8, which is yet to be launched.

The fast food chain told The Sun that the image is just a mock-up phone screen to show how their delivery app works. Any similarity to the new iPhone is coincidental, it added.

The photo of the iPhone sent out to its customers showed a larger “Infinity screen." This is among the features rumored be shown during Apple's September 2017 launch.

Rumored design

According to Mac Rumors, some of the iPhone 8 features include a 5.8-inch OLED display, a high-performing processor, a facial recognition feature, a wireless charging feature, and a state-of-the-art design. The website also stated that the new mobile device will be made with aluminum to differentiate the unit from the other models that were released before.

The new mobile device will reportedly have the same body that is made of glass.

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Mac Rumors pointed out that the other versions of the device will be made of stainless steel frames.

With regards to the color options, the website said that the available color schemes will be Gold, Silver, Black, and Blush Gold. Speculations also revealed that the iPhone 8 will have improved water resistance features. It has earlier been reported that come launch day, the company will show the facial recognition feature that iPhone 8 is rumored to have.

Wireless charging

Elite Daily also released a report detailing how users can have the option for wireless charging. There is no official information yet about the charging options, but there are speculations about them.

According to the article, Apple will launch three glass-blacked units that will provide wireless charging. It has been said that the new iPhone 8 will only charge when the surface of the charging pads is touched.