EV’s or electric vehicles are said to be the automobiles of the future. Elon Musk’s Tesla is one of the most popular electric carmakers today producing sedans powered by batteries. However, Cummins, a top commercial engine maker joined the hype and introduced its own Class 7 heavy-duty electric truck ahead of Tesla.


Cummins is popular for producing a more environment-friendly diesel engines for commercial trucks. Last Tuesday, August 29, the company unveiled the 140 kWh battery pack designed for commercial truck fleets and heavy vehicles such as buses. According to Forbes, Cummins will start selling them in 2019.

During the event, the company unveiled the 18,000-pound tractor called AEOS. The name was based on a popular chariot in Greek Mythology.

This is because despite being powered by a battery-pack, it is capable of lifting a 22-ton trailer.

Electric powered-trucks

According to the makers, for one hour of charge, this Electric Truck can already travel for 100 miles thus making it a top choice for urban deliveries. But the company is working hard to lessen the charging time to only 20 minutes by 2020. Time equals money, so the less time the batteries spend in charging means money for businessmen.

Cummins will also release a hybrid version as part of their extended range. A diesel engine will be fitted inside the truck to act as a generator that will extend the travel range from 100 to up to 300 miles in between charging. Cummins said that the hybrid would be introduced a year after the electric trucks roll out in the market in 2019.

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They take pride in this hybrid version with a promise of 50 percent more fuel saving capability and zero emissions.

However, Thomas Linebarger, Cummins’ chief executive said that there are limitations with today’s battery technology. For example, this technology won’t work for Class 8 semi tractor-trailers or for 18-wheeler trucks that carry heavier and larger loads.

Tesla’s semi truck

Tesla has its own gigafactory in Nevada in order to produce battery packs for its electric vehicles. They also recently revealed its plans on released electric “semi” trucks. According to Reuters, Tesla is targeting a 200 to a 300-mile working range with its semi-trucks. With the current production rate of Tesla models, it is not impossible for Musk's company to incorporate the technology in bigger vehicles such as trucks.

Cummins said it would not build its own trucks but will supply the batteries and buy cells from undisclosed vendors. The company very timely announced its 2019 release of its electric trucks right after Tesla’s big reveal.