Worldwide news agency CNN on Monday launched a Daily Show on popular sharing app Snapchat, featuring news stories from reporters and newsrooms from around the globe. According to CNBC, the news agency decided to start airing on Snapchat in order to attract younger audiences.

Snapchat has been a platform that many other networks aside from CNN have used in order to bring quality news content to the younger generation. Titled “The Update,” the daily show is like their daily news feed on social media, only that it follows the format of a television newscast.

“The Update” streams daily at 6 p.m. Eastern time, and shows footage from the area where the news happens, and shots that are captured exclusively for the video sharing application. CNBC reported that it is CNN’s first Snapchat streamed show.

Turner Broadcasting, a Time Warner unit, owns CNN. The news network airs breaking news, developing stories and current events shows on cable channel.

Snapchat for news

According to the report, “The Update” follows the format of an existing Snapchat show hosted by NBC. Titled “Stay Tuned,” this show has garnered more than 28 million unique viewers since it began airing last month. The NBC show on the application reported that 60 percent of its audience are under 25 years old, while 40 percent of the viewers tune in to the show at least three times a week.

Snapchat is one of the many potential platforms where news agencies can air their current events programs. They have been utilizing other social media platforms such as Facebook to share their content, but these are in text form.

Through the new CNN show, the network is expecting to gain more viewers since the news pieces are in the form of videos.

CNN reportedly have 42 million unique visitors across computers and mobile phones as of July. The network is hailed as the top digital news source among the younger generation, leading ahead of New York Times Digital and popular website BuzzFeed.

Challenges experienced by Snapchat

It was earlier reported that Snapchat has been facing a drop in its daily users, compared to its competitors.

CNBC said that shares have dropped 44 percent last March. This effort spearheaded by CNN is seen as one of the most promising contributors to helping the app get back on its feet.

Variety recently reported that the app is moving toward scripted content by the end of the year. Head of content Nick Bell revealed on Wednesday that the platform will launch “Snapchat Shows” in order to capture television audiences as well.