Blackberry earlier this year introduced its KeyOne smartphone. Its fans gave the Device a pleasant welcome. The firm plans on adding another companion to KeyOne. This time, the handset will be quite different than what they usually offer. The first BlackBerry smartphones were often known for its QWERTY keyboard feature. The one, which is apparently in the making, will ditch QWERTY and instead sport completely touch display.

Company is expanding the KeyOne series of devices

BlackBerry’s manufacturer, TCL is planning on expanding its KeyOne line-up. TCL Global Head of Sales, François Mahieu confirmed with CNET that the firm is working on a touchscreen display smartphone.

The BlackBerry handset will see the daylight in the next two months, and might even boast of water-resistant capabilities. The official name of the device is still a matter of speculation.

As pointed by Engadget, it might either be called, “Z10,” “Storm,” or “Thunder.” Therefore, its IP67 certification is also another major highlight of the upcoming BlackBerry handset. Its battery is expected to last for over 26 hours on full charge. Mahieu says that the handset is targeted towards professionals who travel a lot. The two biggest selling points of the unnamed device will be its durability and longevity. Mahieu also went on to make the claim that he expects iPhone and Galaxy users to make the switch to the yet-to-be announced smartphone.

Price of the phone

The upcoming BlackBerry handset will be based on Android, reports Phone Radar.

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As for its price, Mahieu said that it might fall into the $549 bracket. If this turns out to be true, then the device is way cheaper than any Samsung or Apple flagship. This will perhaps work out in BlackBerry’s favor as it provides durability and reliability at a lesser price. The firm has introduced touchscreen smartphones before. Their Android-based DTEK50 and DTEK60 are proof that the firm is not walking this road for the first time.

According to Engadget, this will be the first touchscreen BlackBerry handset that will sport an IP67 certification. Mahieu has reassured that the company is not doing away with physical keyboards for good. It is only this smartphone that will come void of BlackBerry’s primary feature. It seems like the firm wants to experiment with the mainstream market for a change. The company is hoping to establish itself again in the smartphone market.