Apple completes ten years with its iPhone family this year, and to mark this special occasion, the Cupertino technology giant is going to add some special features to the upcoming iPhone 8 – the kind that has never seen before. If reports are believed to be true, then Apple will be seen unveiling its upcoming iPhone 8 in its traditional September month. The alleged iPhone 8 has been heavily-speculated to come at a price of $1,000 – making the smartphone almost as expensive as the Apple MacBook Pro. To compensate for the great increase of the price, the company is expected to pack the device with all the imaginable modern-day technologies possible.

There have been a lot of rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming device, revealing what could be expected from the 10th-anniversary iPhone 8 device.

New features with iPhone 8

According to a report published by TechRadar, the latest leak provided by developer Steve Troughton-Smith citing information obtained from the HomePod firmware that Apple released towards the early days of July this year, suggests that the device is going to come with a customizable home button. This falls in line with the previous rumors that suggested that the Cupertino technology giant is planning on eliminating its home button in favor of an under-the-screen fingerprint scanner. Several other specifications in the upcoming iPhone 8 also claimed that the home button is also going to come with support for Apple’s Pay (payment) services.

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Home button might be scrapped

This function in a way will be similar to how the company’s Touch Id works. The leaks don’t make any mention of a Touch ID in the smartphone. In other words – on the basis of these rumors – it is safe to assume that the upcoming phone is going to come void of the Touch ID physical home button.

Apart from this, several reports are indicating that the smartphone is also going to feature a front-facing 3D scanning feature. In other words, Apple might adopt the Facial Recognition Technology with its iPhone 8. If reports are believed to be true, then Apple’s facial recognition technology is going to be much speedier, and more efficient than Apple’s Touch ID feature. The device will apparently be accessible within milliseconds once it detects the user’s facial features. As per previous leaks, the upcoming flagship is going to feature a complete glass body as well. Stay tuned for more news, updates, and rumors on technology and entertainment.