Apple has released the fifth beta version of its upcoming mobile operating system, the iOS 11. Users of compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices can now download, install and test the latest iOS version.

Officially introduced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017, the iOS 11 is said to contain the biggest upgrade yet, compared to previous mobile operating systems. The next major iOS is expected to be released in September before the three new iPhones hit the market.

iOS 11 beta v5 features

According to Apple release notes, there were a number of bug fixes introduced on iOS 11 beta v5. One good example is the AirPlay button in videos, which will no longer cause some apps to crash.

Another bug fix introduced helps the phone avoid crashing when users drag items into the Calendar app.

The latest update also introduced exciting features and significant updates. These include a customizable Control Center, merging Lock screen on the Notification Center, peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments (coming in the Messages app), a new App Drawer, Do Not Disturb While Driving, Siri, Photos, and the Camera app among other new features. The iOS 11 beta v5 update also enabled FaceTime Live Photos by default.

While there were new things introduced, other features were removed. For instance, the Favorites section on the Health app was removed. The iCloud Message was also removed in the latest update though Apple plans to reintroduce this feature again in future updates.

For iPad users, the iOS 11 is a welcome development for it contains the biggest, single update for iPad devices.

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Some of these features include a new Dock for improved multitasking, an improved Files app and Apple Pencil support, an overhauled App Switcher, and a drag and drop feature among others.

Download and install latest iOS beta

Upgrading to the latest beta version is easier if a previous version of iOS 11 Beta has already been installed. Just go to Apple's Developer Center to download and install the latest beta version.

Another way is through over-the-air (OTA) installation; however, a strong Wi-Fi network connection is a must. For OTA, open the Settings app and then go to General > Software Update. It will only take a few seconds before a download option shows up, and then tap “Download and Install”.

Make sure to avoid instructions on how to download and install the latest beta version outside the two methods mentioned in here because if anything goes wrong, it might result in a bricked Apple device.