Virtual Reality is the future of computing, and that means several companies will come on board to get a taste of the action. So far, we’ve seen several Virtual Reality headsets on the market, but only a few have managed to grab consumer attention.

Making the perfect Virtual Reality headset is not easy by any means, and that’s a problem for the market. However, at this moment time, several products on the market are ideal for virtual reality, and we’re going to talk about some of them.

The Oculus VR

Oculus was the first company to kickstart the Virtual Reality craze back into relevance.

When the company announced its Kickstarter plans, many went ahead to fund the project. It didn’t take long for Oculus to become the most prominent company in the VR space, and more so after the Facebook acquisition.

Today, the Oculus Rift is the most popular VR product on the PC, but with increased competition from HTC and Microsoft, things could change rapidly in the coming years.

The HTC Vive

When HTC decided to enter the VR market with its own device, no one believed the company had what it takes to compete on the same level as Oculus Vr. However, as it stands, the Htc Vive is arguably the best Virtual Reality product available today for consumers.

Being the best doesn’t mean the most popular, but it does mean the most expensive.

It cost a whopping $799 at retail, which is not surprising when one considers the specs inside. It’s a monster.

The PlayStation VR

Sony is the number one gaming company, and as such, it makes sense for the Japanese giant to enter the world of Virtual Reality. The company’s PlayStation VR headset is the only VR product for console gamers, and also the most popular overall in terms of sales.

Sony announced in the past that it had sold over 1 million devices since the release of the product in 2016. That’s more than the sales of the HTC Vive and Oculus VR combined.

The primary reason or PSVR’s success is the price. The product goes for $399, and not to mention the over 60 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold since 2013.

Now, despite PSVR being the most popular, it doesn’t take the crown of best VR headset ever made. The device is cheap for a reason because the components inside are not on the same level as the ones found in the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Nevertheless, the games are there, and that’s one of the most important aspects of Virtual Reality. Still, the games are not impressive, which leaves the question; can VR find real success?