Sprint and T-Mobile are two of America’s most renowned and biggest carriers. So, it is quite natural for the top executives at both companies to be at each other’s throats due to the highly competitive nature of the market. T-Mobile CEO John Legere and Sprint Chief Executive Marcelo Claure’s feelings toward each other are not known to be positive.

In fact, as recently as January, Legere criticized Claure when the latter laughed at a Tweet that made fun of a dangerous accident that involved a woman driving her car into a T-Mobile store in Florida. The Uncarrier CEO reprimanded Claure by stating that the matter was not a joke and could have potentially hurt or even killed those involved in the accident.

However, now it seems a growing closeness between the two companies is emerging, which was mostly hinted at by a tweet send out by Claure on Thursday, July 20.

Marcelo Claure congratulates T-Mobile

The tweet in question was sent out by Claure after T-Mobile revealed their second quarter earnings. The report showed that the Uncarrier had recorded massive increase in its business and overall revenue, which even surpassed what Wall Street analysts had predicted at the start of the quarter. T-Mobile’s growth was also driven by the great number of new subscribers that it had managed to acquire in the three-month period.

In his tweet, Sprint’s top executive says that even though the two companies disagree on a variety of matters, he sincerely wanted to acknowledge the outstanding performance that T-Mobile had shown in the market.

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This led many to speculate whether Sprint was trying to mend fences with T-Mobile. Many also wonder if this is a sign that Sprint and T-Mobile may soon be coming together, as unverified reports claimed back in June.

Sprint and T-Mobile merging?

The June report had claimed that the T-Mobile and Sprint deal was to be put on hold temporarily as there were talks of Sprint’s association with Comcast. However, the report was merely a rumor with no evidence to back up the claims, which led many to deem it as a hoax with no bearing on reality. However, the friendly tweet from Sprint’s top executive may be hinting to this possible deal in the making.

However, it is possible that the congratulatory tweet was just that, a normal tweet posted to congratulate a competitor in good spirit. At the moment there is no other data or information that can point at whether the deal is just a figment of people’s imaginations or whether it is something that is surely going to happen. People will have to wait and watch.