A couple of months back, Samsung was reported to be working on a Flip Phone. the device is a trend that was lost many years ago. The concept was clearly replaced by modern-day smartphones that the market is flooded with today. However, the South-Korean technology giant still sees potential in the lost trend, as the firm once again has made the headlines for the same. If reports are believed to be true, then Samsung is apparently working on a flip phone with top-notch specifications, which they hope to introduce soon.

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The smartphone was also recently spotted on China’s official regulatory website with model-number, ‘SM-W2017.’

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821

As mentioned previously, the upcoming alleged Samsung flip phone has been spotted on China’s official regulatory website with the model number, ‘SM-W2017.’ Along with the model-number, there are many other details that have been revealed as well.

The upcoming flip phone is expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 system-on-chip. On the storage front, the upcoming Samsung flip phone is speculated to offer 4GB of RAM. At the same time, another prolific Chinese leakster states that the upcoming Samsung flip phone will apparently be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip and will offer 6GB of RAM along with 64GB of internal storage. Needless to say, none of the above-given information has any kind of credibility as yet. Since the company hasn’t confirmed the news, it remains to be seen what exactly will take place next.

Google vs Samsung

Moreover, the characteristics discovered in the upcoming Samsung flip phone are quite prominently falling in direct competition with all the leading smartphones in the market at the moment, such as OnePlus 5, Google’s upcoming Pixel 2 and even Apple’s iPhone 8.

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Whether Samsung’s flip phone will have the potential to take all of these on at once, is something that still remains to be seen. The device is primarily targeted towards niche-based communities. In other words, the mainstream market hardly prefers flip phones as such. Therefore, the chances of Samsung’s upcoming flip phone of delivering tougher competition to other high-end smartphones are quite low.

As far as other specifications of the upcoming Samsung device is concerned, the device will probably run on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. Apart from this, the device is further expected to house a larger than 2,300mAh battery as well. Meanwhile, Samsung is currently preparing for the launch of its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone.