Samsung’s all-new virtual assistant, Bixby Voice, is now officially available in the United States. The long-awaited voice assistant can now be fully enjoyed on the tech company’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets.

Voice assistant’s initial functions

The tech company's digital assistant was first released alongside their latest mobile devices. The feature was limited only to Reminder, Home and Vision, which is Bixby’s primary function to help users track their day, remind them of their calendar events and identify objects in images.

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Adding to Bixby’s initial functions, the feature now has boosted comprehension on command variations.

As reported by CNET, the South Korean tech company is opting to delay the release of the digital assistant to ensure that it will work properly.

With the help of a large number of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus owners, the tech giant was able to test out the voice assistant and improved Bixby Voice even further.

Bixby intends to reveal the functionalities of the tech company’s flagship smartphones. As reported by Christian Post, Samsung’s Executive Vice President and Head of Research, Injong Rhee, stated that smartphones have more than 10,000 functions, but users may utilize less than five percent of these. The handset’s features are only useful if users know how to find them.

Rhee also said that their goal with Bixby is to make it easier for smartphone owners to use their devices. The digital assistant will offer the best possible user experience for Samsung customers. The digital assistant will also come along with an intuitive new way to utilize the smartphones of the tech company.

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Bixby reading emails aloud

As the tech giant has added new features that let Bixby read emails and text messages out loud, the digital assistant got a high score in the hands-free operation tests. Bixby Voice can be easily activated by pushing the feature’s dedicated button, which is located on the side of the S8 or S8 Plus. By just saying Hi Bixby, it will bring up the feature.

According to CNET users will even be able to ask their smartphones what the weather forecast is in their area.

The extra button on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus serve as the designated button for the voice assistant, which makes it easier to interact with Bixby. The Bixby Voice will be available after users finished downloading the new update. However, it remains to be seen if Samsung’s digital assistant will be available to areas outside the United States within the month.