Samsung's flagship phones for 2017, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, are receiving an update on T-Mobile. The update which is currently rolling out all over the country would add some useful and aesthetic features to the handsets. Users of the handsets on T-Mobile's network will be glad to know that the update also brings the latest security patch.

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ T-Mobile update

T-Mobile rolled out the new update with the baseband versions G950USQU1AQFJ/G950UOYN1AQFJ for all of the 2017 Samsung flagship handsets on its network. It comes at a size of around 287 MB, so users planning on downloading the update must ensure that their device has ample space for it to be stored.

The update adds an array of useful and interesting features, including the option to hide or fix the navigation bar. This can now be done on T-Mobile Galaxy S8 handsets by simply selecting the option for hiding the bar from a button on the left side of the navigation. Hiding the bar would give the display an even cleaner look.

Another change being introduced through this update will include more background color options for the navigation bar on top of the ones that were already present previously. By default, the background color for the navigation bar is black, but now users can set a color based on their own preference. The changelog for the update notes that, after the update is applied, the background for the navigation bar will automatically be changed to the default black shade.

Other changes include the addition of the June 1 security patches for Android, which will ensure that the smartphone remains secure and users' privacy is not breached by external sources. Early adopters of the update revealed that there is another function which the company has introduced. Users with the update will not be able to remap the Bixby button.

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Samsung has tried doing the same in a previous update but has failed. This time around users report that Bixby remapping has been blocked.

How to update and what to keep in mind

Users should be reminded of the impending update when it becomes available in that particular region. However, if for some case the update reminder is missed, users can manually check for the update as well by navigating to "Settings" and from there opening "About Phone" and scanning for available updates.

However, before downloading and installing it, users must ensure that some conditions are met.

The update is available OTA and as such would require a strong Wi-Fi connection or cellular data connectivity. Users should also ensure that the handsets are fully charged before downloading it or placing it for install.