There has been much rumor and speculation regarding the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. There is immense pressure resting on Samsung’s shoulders as the device-manufacturer is hoping to revive its lost glory ( a reference to the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco in 2016) through the launch of this device. Earlier this week, Samsung confirmed that the company will be launching its heavily-speculated phablet, the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23 at an event scheduled to be held in New York.

Nothing is concrete yet

While Samsung hasn’t confirmed any of the specifications in the upcoming smartphone as yet, there have been numerous leaks and rumors that have given the fans a vague idea of what can be expected from the smartphone.

A new report now suggests that Samsung may have accidentally revealed the pre-order date of its upcoming smartphone.

Pre-orders starting from August 25th

According to a report published by BGR, the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone’s information regarding its pre-order dates has been found in a document that briefly appeared on Samsung’s Australian website. As per what was listed on the website, it seems like the upcoming device will be available for pre-orders, starting August 25th. As mentioned previously, it was earlier revealed by Samsung that they plan on unveiling their flagship on August 23.

While the company hasn’t spoken about any of the details or specifications regarding the upcoming smartphone as yet, there is much that is known through the means of endless leaks and speculations.

Several reports indicate that the upcoming smartphone is going to be the same as the already-existing Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices in many aspects. The main differences will be the display size, the battery power and the fact that the former will come along with the company’s iconic S stylus pen. Apart from this, the smartphone is also expected to arrive with a dual rear camera system; however, that information hasn’t been confirmed yet.

At the same time, if this actually turns out to be true then the upcoming phone will be the first Samsung device to carry a dual rear camera system.

Apart from these reports, Samsung’s phablet is also expected to fall in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone 8 – which will reportedly be launched in September. Therefore, the technology world greatly looks forward to the fight that is scheduled to take place between the two, stay tuned.