Chinese Technology giant Oneplus recently took the wraps off its much-awaited OnePlus 5 smartphone. The technology world had long waited for the arrival of this device. After much speculation, the smartphone finally witnessed the limelight.

The smartphone, like most of the OnePlus smartphones, came equipped with high-end specifications along with a decent price-tag. The smartphone was available for purchase almost immediately. However, it seems like users are already experiencing problems with the device.

Problems of the smartphones

Within a month of its availability, OnePlus 5 smartphone users started experiencing troubles with the OnePlus 5 device.

The first and the most prominent one was wherein the users were facing troubles with the smartphone’s display. A certain “wrapping” issue was being experienced by OnePlus 5 users. The complaint was immediately posted online and brought to attention.

Now, the smartphone seems to be riddled with another major problem. The smartphone is apparently riddled with a bug that doesn’t allow the users to make emergency calls.

In fact, when a user tries to make an emergency call, the smartphone unit immediately reboots its system. The issue was brought to the attention of OnePlus almost immediately. The Chinese technology giant was quick to respond, as they stated that they were currently looking into the issue and that they are going to tackle the problem through the means of a Software Update that will be made available to the users soon enough.

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A OnePlus official said that they have been in touch with the customers all throughout, and they are constantly assuring the users that they will be provided with a software update that will resolve the problem soon. The smartphone brand hasn’t detailed out any dates as of now.

Specs and features of the device

Apart from this, OnePlus 5 has also faced an issue with its stereo specifications. Several users discovered that the orientation of the smartphone was severely disoriented when the users were trying to adjust the stereo. Apart from this, there were multiple users hailing from India that reported issues with the smartphone’s physical buttons. It seems like they weren’t functioning.

The phone comes equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip. The device falls in direct competition with other big players in the market, including Apple’s iPhone 8 and Google’s Pixel 2 smartphones.