The CEO of OnePlus has recently announced on Twitter that both the #Oneplus 3 and #OnePlus 3T will be available with Android O’ operating system. The company has recently decided that they will not launch any more new models in the near future. However, they are pretty determined to upgrade the operating system of the two most popular smartphones of their flagship. The company is also pretty clear about the time when both of these phones will get the upgrade. When asked about the time, they assured that the smartphones should get the Android upgrade by the end of the year.

The latest updates

According to the latest reports, Android O #Update will be available for the month of December.

Though, until we get the update, it is very hard to be sure about the time because, there is always a chance of delay. But we can hope for the best results. When the Android O update will be available some extra features will be added to those smartphones.


The features we can expect in OnePlus3/3T are the following. The user interferences in the Android O is improved by a big margin. A new home screen layout and different options of customizations which will allow you to customize the home screen according to your choice. A user can mark the favorite app. An updated version of weather and calendar settings. A user can get the launcher information and the information will be available under the launching settings.

Update in the OxygenOS

Apart from the update in the Android OS, OnePlus 3 and 3T will also get an update with the OxygenOS too.

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Oxygen OS is basically a customized version of the Android OS. With the update of the Oxygen OS, few extra features will be added to the both of these popular smartphones.

Expected features

The features we can expect with the update of the OxygenOS are the following. A user can get the latest battery status. The battery status will continuously show the current power consumption and it will help the user in many ways. If you are using Bluetooth then you can easily know the numbers of devices are connected to your device. The new update will allow the user to adjust the size of the clock widget. Therefore, if you want to increase the size of the clock widget you can do it and similarly, you can decrease the size when it is required.The other interesting features which can be available are new animations during the incoming call. At the same time, you will get email address recognition within the text messages as well. With all these features, it can be expected that the One Plus 3 and 3T will become more popular.