Honda Motors made an announcement on Friday to recall almost 2.1 million of its vehicles globally over battery fire risks. Honda Accord which is manufactured between 2013 and 2016 is the reported affected vehicle that could reach to 1.15 million in the US and the rest will come from other countries worldwide.

Battery issue

The battery sensors in Honda Accord might not have been “sufficiently sealed” contrary to moisture, according to the company. This condition of the battery sensors will lead foreign particles like road salt to enter it that could form rust which could cause a short circuit and eventually fire.

Honda Motors claimed that four reports from the US have been received regarding engine compartment fires and one from Canada. There are the areas where vast amounts of road salt are used during the winter season. The company stated that no injuries have been reported associated with the event.

Honda cars are not the only vehicles getting recalled. The latest car company to announce a recall was Toyota Motors for its Tacoma pickup trucks (2016 to 2017) in the US. Toyota recalled that more than 228,000 trucks have been recalled due to leaky gaskets while the rear axle’s gear assembly might fail due to improper lubrication that could snag the gears.

Although Honda Motors is facing some issues with the recall of its previously manufactured Honda Accord, it is reported that Honda Motor Co.

Ltd. will launch on Friday one of its four its latest vehicle, the newest-generation Honda Accord. This car is a re-engineered middle-sized sedan that carmakers in Asia are waging to accomplish a share in the car market while Detroit counterparts concentrated on SUVs, pickup trucks as well as crossovers.

New Accord

Like Toyota Motor Corp’s all-new Camry which is scheduled to release this month, Honda’s new Accord provides better horsepower and safety technology.

It pays attention to its standard brakes to prevent crash, and design that gives tribute to German sports sedans. Likewise, the new Honda Accord boasts of improved economic fuel consumption, however, the car company did not provide figures.

Meanwhile, Honda Motors has proven that its super hatchback 2017 Honda Civic Type R is the fastest front wheel drive car.

The company released a new video showing the vehicle wind around Nürburgring in a 7-minute and 43.80-second lap. The new 2017 Honda Civic beat 2002 Pagani Zonda, 2009 Audi R8 V10 5.2- Liter, and 2015 BMW M4.