Going head to head with Apple’s MacBook Pro Series this year is the successor to the hugely popular Microsoft Surface Book, the Surface Book 2. A lot of time has passed since the launch of the original. MacBook refreshes and new iPads have all come and gone but there has been no Surface Book 2 in sight. Our bet is that we’ll see the flagship model later this year, going by various leaks and reports in the online world.

Powered by Intel i7

The original Surface Book was touted as a ‘hybrid laptop’ and the first laptop from the Microsoft stable was well received.

It is a great device in terms of design and performance. It got even better with the release of the Surface Book i7 with Performance Base last year. But as with all devices, there was room for improvement and thus, the idea of a follow-up laptop came into being.

Top-notch 4K display

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be a killer in terms of specs and features. in an article posted on Blasting News, which quoted Tech Radar it was suggested that the new device will include some design changes. It will sport a 13-5 inch display and a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixel to support 4K videos. The flagship is expected to feature a Kaby Lake processor and a detachable screen to help you make resolution better and according to choice.

This website throws light on one of the most notable changes in the Microsoft Surface 2 – an improvement in battery life. The original, when used in a tablet proved to be extremely lacking in battery life. This feature was scoffed at by critics and Microsoft is reportedly addressing it in its successor. Al, o the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge that enables the device to transform into a tablet and a laptop without the need for a Surface Proesque kickstand may be abandoned altogether in its latest version.

As indicated by sources addressing DigiTimes, Microsoft's next Surface Book, which recently entered mass production, will "embrace a clamshell design rather than its traditional 2-in-1" form.

The new update comes along with numerous improvements. For instance, the company has initiated several tweaks to Cortana speech recognition.

The release date of the Surface Book 2 remains a mystery, though there is widespread speculation that the device will launch at the end of the year. Expectations are already running high and it remains to be seen whether the changes in design, performance and price range will be met favorably by customers. We’ll wait and watch!