Microsoft is always trying to keep its fans and users happy with regular updates to its devices and improvements on its programs. Even though the Redmond-based company has stopped developing its own hardware, it still oversees the creation of a large number of applications and programs used daily. These apps are widely used in mobile devices as well, which is why Microsoft has now updated Outlook for both the Android and iOS platforms.

Outlook redesigned for iOS and Android

On Wednesday, July 12, Microsoft announced a major update to Outlook for iOS and Android devices.

Outlook is perhaps one of the most widely used apps on the smartphones these days, especially by corporate and businessmen. Microsoft Outlook is used to access emails on the phone and quickly navigate through them.

However, the Redmond-based company claims to have completely redesigned the program, which will bring better navigability and efficiency for fans looking to use the app. Three major portions to which the redesign applies are navigation, chat, and search. With the latest update, app users would be able to quickly switch user accounts, while at the same time they would be able to browse folders.

Intelligent search capabilities would also be added soon to the program courtesy of Microsoft Graph.

In terms of the chat functionality, Microsoft has added a feature which will help establish what the last message of a particular chat was, without having to scroll to the end of the chat. The update will also let the individual messages be separated clearly so that one can quickly catch up to a conversation.

Microsoft has also brought in a quick reply feature, through which users would be able to make sure that they can reply at the tap of a button, while at the same time being able to see the full chat to see what others are saying while typing the reply.

Smart search functionality coming soon

Microsoft said that it was aware that searching for one particular file or email can sometimes become a hassle. However, the company has already come up with a plan to make searching easier and simpler. It said that soon it would launch a new feature in Outlook for mobile in which the central tab will contain the search field so that users can easily find what they are looking for.

Suggestions would also be offered to the users while they are typing in what they want to search for, which will sometimes make it unnecessary to type out the whole information that one is searching for. The search will be divided into people and files for the better suggestion and faster searches.