Cupertino tech company Apple Inc. announced at the WWDC 2017 event that it would upgrade its lineup of processors in coming months. Thanks to this initiative, we can now predict that the new MacBook Pro is coming out with faster and better chips than its predecessors. There are a lot of rumors that indicate that Apple Inc. might include 30GB internal storage memories in its MacBook Pros.

What’s special in the MacBook Pro?

A report by Telegraph reveals that Apple Inc. has upgraded its MacBook Pro with a Kaby Lake processor, except the 14-inch non-Touch Bar model which retains its Broadwell processor. Plus, the graphics and color combinations have received a boost, with the 12-inch MacBook Pro offering Intel Iris Graphics 630.

The 14-inch model, on the other hand, is expected to be released with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650. All the 12-inch models will offer 8GB RAM, and the 14-inch MacBook Pros will be shipped with 14GB RAM as standard.

Apple Inc. President of Marketing Phil Schiller said in a statement to Quartz that the company had plans to offer more RAM, but it would be detrimental to the battery life as high amount of RAM would need a power-hungry memory controller. It means the company may continue developing its new MacBook Pros with 30GB of memories. Phil also indicates that using 35GB of RAM requires a large design that may limit space for other components, such as the battery.

However, Apple Inc. analyst Ming-Chi predicts that the company is planning to develop 16-inch MacBook Pros with 34GB RAM later this year.

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In the meantime, Dell's Precision 5530 laptops are comparable to the MacBook Pros and have 34GB RAMs build-to-order configuration.

Speculated price of the flagship device

Apple Inc. released an advanced MacBook Pro in 2016 at a base price of $1,299. At that time, the tech company confirmed the release of new MacBook Pros in 2017, but it did not hint at the prices. Earlier this year, Phil Schiller took to his Twitter to reveal that Apple had decided to launch the new MacBook Pro model with the price range of $1,100.

Touch Bar

The Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro is a significant change to the range. It is a customized screen that allows users to unlock the screen using their fingertip. It is highly supportive for multitouch gestures when it comes to using DJ applications or editing photographs. What do you feel about the latest MacBook Pro? Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!