Qualcomm showed off its on-screen fingerprint sensor last week, giving voice to the rumors that the next iPhone will sport this feature. However, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has said that the chipmaker's technology isn't ready for primetime, yet.

The idea of featuring a fingerprint sensor right into the display is still stuck in the Hollywood movies and is a center scheme of multiple patents. However, we are still to see it in the market. While Xiaomi showcased an early version of this technology in a phone last year, we were hoping Apple's iPhone 8 would bring this breakthrough thanks to Qualcomm.

It looks unlikely, though.

The technology isn't perfect yet, says Kuo

Kuo noted that the company's implementation of on-screen fingerprint sensor is an improvement, as it offers better scan-through. However, he added that the technology isn't "perfect" yet as the speed and response times are still an area of concern.

"The fingerprint recognition that is installed on Vivo’s prototype handset should be the latest 2.1 version which, compared with the last version, offers better scan-through and can differentiate between real figures and fake clones," Kuo wrote. He added that there are still several challenges that need to be tackled. These include the scan-through ability which still has room for improvement; it's slower to enable, and finally, it has a slower response.

Consumers don't hate rear-placed sensors

In his analysis, CCFTech pointed out that Kuo also said that while many believe that consumers hate rear-placed fingerprint sensors, they aren't as hated as it seems. "Users don’t seem to have much of a problem with fingerprint sensors on the back of devices; therefore handset brands could be less compelled to adopt the ultrasonic solution as long as risks exist," he added.

The trusted Apple analyst also said that there is no exact mass production timeline for "Vivo’s show off of Qualcomm’s fingerprint sensing technology." At this time, it appears that the Cupertino tech company will have to think of something else as chances of Qualcomm's on-screen fingerprint sensing coming to iPhone 8 appear to slim.

Well, it's Apple that we are talking about anyway, so it's unlikely the company hasn't thought of any other solutions to this problem already.

Excited for the September launch of next generation Apple's iPhone 8? We can't wait for the upcoming iPhone 8, either!