Back in 2015, Apple CEO tim cook claimed that the iPad Pro could eventually replace desktops or laptops. However, not all were convinced, as most pointed out several factors. That included the key components (though they could be fabricated using Bluetooth technology) and the operating system (iOS) that it runs on.

Obviously, the App Store has advanced since then and there are apps that people can use. At the top of the list are word processing and photo editing, among others. There are apps currently available, though some could easily turn to cloud-based apps to perform tasks related to each.

With that, could the laptop killer by Apple now become a reality?

iOS 11 just made things easier

Before anything else, the root problem likely to be singled out is the operating system. Aside from the corresponding apps, there is the matter of tasks performed by the mobile operating system. iOS 11 is still in the beta stages, though most believe it will eventually come out later this year. Most believe it will be in September, with or without the iPhone 8 in tow.

iOS 11 can be downloaded by anyone publicly as we speak, complete with bugs since it is still in the developmental stages. Andy Robertson of Forbes seems to have done just that and his kids have branded their iPad as the “MacPad.”

Apparently, there are features on iOS 11 that have led to it.

He pointed out how users could easily switch between applications. Tracking favorites is easier, while Live Photos can now be used flexibly. More is expected once the beta stages of the next Apple OS progress, hinting that the Ipad Pro could very well get in line with the laptop killer claim.

Hooking up and performing computer tasks

Obviously, iOS 11 will bring a wide range of features that cover the iPhone and the iPad. The ones mentioned above are only some of them but owner usage will still be key. The iPad is technically only a display, which makes use of touch display screen features as a primary interface. Some can turn to the stylus while others can purchase a separate smart keyboard to turn an iPad into an improvised laptop.

While that can easily be done with or without the next Apple mobile OS, there are still some other things like connectivity ports to worry about. The wireless age has broadened the possibilities, though it will still depend on what people eventually hook up to the tablet.

iOS 11 could make a difference with the proverbial goal of backing up the so-called laptop killer claim tied to it. That also includes the ability of a user to get accustomed to the setup -- hopefully a convenient one to avoid defeating the purpose by bringing along a mobile and portable device.