The new Apple iPad Pro cometh. For sure, aficionados are all excited to get their hands on this latest offering from the tech giant. Let's get to know more about the 10.5-inch Ipad Pro.

Update-wise, both tablets have had their upgrades last month. These included faster CPU performance, more GPU (as well as RAM), and the possibility for more storage.

Why the new iPad Pro can stand up against your laptop

According to eWeek, both iPad Pro tablets are now carrying improved cameras screens, which will now be displaying a wider range of colors. Although, the smaller iPad Pro has a new screen size of 10.5 inches with the use of smaller bezels, which gave way to an additional 20 percent more area.

What's also good to note is that screen refresh rates were also bumped up to 120 Hz.

Going into the specifics, the most noticeable physical aspects with the new iPad is the larger screen, which displays a higher quality of images. Scrolling is also smoother and animation works without a hitch - but as the cliche goes, "wait, there's more."

Users might have to wait for the iOs 11 update before they could fully see what else the new iPad is bringing to the table, as upgrades like accessible file system becomes available. Although, eWeek said that considerable improvements yield enough reason for users to wait for it patiently.

Furthermore, Apple has released information that the new iPad screens would have an anti-reflective coating, but that wouldn't mean it would totally eliminate glare.

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This means that iPad Pros will be easier to operate outdoors in the daylight.

If you're still keen on going with a laptop, try these

Now, if iPad Pros are still not your thing and you would like to stick to your MacBook, Apple Insider reports that the 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar and 12-inch Retina MacBook have been upgraded with Intel's latest-gen Kaby Lake processors.

According to Apple, the two models come with second-generation butterfly key switches, although when tested by Apple Insider, the keys on the Pro have more travel and a "clickier" feel. The MacBook Pro also has a bigger trackpad and better speakers.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro also has a considerably FaceTime camera. It is equipped with a high-definition 720p sensor, in contrast to a non-HD 480p on the 12-inch one.

Are you more of an iPad person or do you prefer MacBooks? Whatever your gadget preference may be, Apple's new offerings are definitely something to look forward to. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Apple.