Google Maps is quite an important app for getting where you are going, to learn how to go there, or even see the pictures of the area that you are looking for. You can even get an idea of the natural condition of the area by using satellite mode.

Earlier this month Google Maps received an upgrade which will allow it to provide even more information about businesses and locations in foreign surroundings, even if you can't speak the local language. But for years, Google Maps didn't support speed limits at all, which is obviously a very helpful and key feature present on any navigation software.

They finally changed it last year when Speed Limit began to appear on Google Maps for Android Auto and then on the Phone app in selected regions. But still, it wasn't available everywhere on the entire Google Maps services. Google has recently confirmed which areas will have this feature andGoogle Maps will show your current speed limits while driving, helping you avoid being caught off-guard.

Speed limit available In San Francisco Bay area and Rio de Janeiro

According to a post made on the Android Auto support forum on Saturday, July 8th, the speed limit indicator is only available live in the San Francisco Bay area in the U.S and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Actually testing the feature in the Bay area makes a lot of sense, considering the close proximity to Google's Mountain View Headquarters but Rio is considered rather an odd choice for testing.

It may be possible that Google's Brazil branch already possess speed limit data.

The app will now display local speed limits as part of its GPS journey guide, with a road sign at the bottom corner of Android devices using Google Maps navigation mode, as well as on Google's own car-centric Android Auto system.

The post also states that Google is making efforts to spread these speed limit features to other areas as well.

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Having said that, there is no telling when other areas will get this feature and also what kind of other features combined with this will be available in other areas. Spotted by several Reddit users, the move could be one of the first moves by Google to integrate Maps with Waze, its other mapping service.

For Google Maps users, it's understandable to get annoyed when you aren't getting the current speed limit feature in your area but Google has to ensure that the feature has accurate figures for each area, or else wrong data could result in fines or legal charges to the users. It is very helpful yet pretty sensitive feature to have on Google Maps.