Although Facebook ads had been trialed in Thailand and Australia, it seems like Facebook is still issuing ads on its Messenger all over the world. These ads could be witnessed in between your personal conversations or on your home tab.

Other than traditional ads that take you to the official website page of the promoted business, Facebook has introduced a new type of ads in which the user can communicate with these brands on Messenger through just one click. With this style of advertising, Facebook claims that it has given these brands a platform to communicate with their customers more effectively by answering questions and removing their respective concerns about brands products or services.

Quantity of these ads

As Facebook says, a small percentage of users will start witnessing these ads and as the month progresses, the quantity of these ads will moderately increase. After using Facebook Messenger's services for years and loving it, the decision of Facebook will certainly cause irritation among its users. Unlike other cheap Android Apps, Facebook doesn't provide the option to remove ads through buying paid version. So, users have to suffer these ads as changing the platform after using it for years would certainly cause more distress. As Whatsapp is owned by Facebook too, it's feasible that these ads make their way on Whatsapp too. Below are the details of updates rolled out recently on Messenger.

Discover Tab

Facebook has equipped its Messenger on June 28 with a new Discover Tab, with which you can search various businesses and engage with them using Messenger. This Tab is expected to be appreciated by both parties as users will be able to communicate with global brands and businesses will be able to get feedback about their products.

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Filters and reactions

On June 26, Facebook added animated reactions and color filters to spice up video calling. To add flavor, these selected emoji will pop up for a short period of time during the video chat. Currently, five icons are available. In addition, this update has added more masks for Snapchat's face filters.

Facebook Messenger's UI

Facebook has changed its Messenger's user interface on May 19 in order to make it much easier for users to connect with others. On the Landing page, you will see tabs of ''active'', groups, or friends etc. and at the bottom of the Landing page, you'll have the tabs of home-screen, camera, games, calls and etc. So all the areas are now just one tap away.