Amazon is encouraging consumers to buy and use various smart home products which the company offers by introducing an all new Geek Squad like service, offered by Best Buy. People who buy any smart home product will be able to book an appointment for a representative from Amazon to come and install the device in the home along. The representative will also provide detailed know-how about the device’s functions and features.

Amazon will send people to install products

Similar to Geek Squad service offered by Best Buy, Amazon will also start providing in-home installations and even repairs on the products.

For now, this feature would be limited to smart home products only and will not be available for any other appliances. To avail this free home installation, users of a smart home product will need to visit the Amazon Smart Home Services Store on the company's website.

Accessing this particular page would allow the consumers to book appointments for free consultations as well as installations. Experts would then answer any queries that customers may have regarding the smart home product in question. Experts may also be called for installing products such as smart lights, thermostats and Amazon’s own smart home based products as well.

Amazon also claimed that the people that they would use for extending this service to customers would be employees of the company and not merely contractors.

They are also certified experts on the smart home devices and have qualifications which can back up their know-how regarding the said appliances.

Price for installation and availability of the service

Amazon stated that the installation charges would vary depending on the appliance concerned. For example, the price charged for personalizing and setting up an Amazon Fire TV is around $10, while doing the same for the ecobee3 Smart Thermostat is expected to cost around $99.

This feature of varying installation fee for the device is also similar to Geek Squad service by Best Buy.

Initially, the service would be available in seven regions only in the United States, including San Jose, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. The company, however, did not reveal how many new employees it would appoint for this service. Amazon already has a service which lets users appoint a local handyman for performing odd jobs such as plumbing or other repairs and painting.