The Essential phone was launched with stunning specifications and interesting features with an assured shipment date of one month from the date of pre-order. The latest developments reveal that all is not well with the Company since three of the top executives of the company formed by Andy Rubin resigned from the company within one month. During the launch event, the company disclosed that the smartphone would be shipped out within one month. However, even after two months, the Essential is yet to ship the handset to all those customers who have pre-ordered the device.

Exit of top executives

Brian Wallace, who was the Vice-President of Marketing for the Essential left early July 2017.

He left the company after sealing a deal as chief marketing Officer with the start-up iam+ formed by the popular musician

Andy Fouche who was working as the Head of Communications also followed the path adopted by Wallace. We had a quick look on his official Twitter profile and found that he didn't tweet any information regarding Essential after March 30.

The latest executive to resign from the company is Liron Damir, who was working as the head of UX. He is currently employed in the same position with Google managing the Home segment. Damir played a pivotal role in the design and development of the user interface when he was with the Essential. No doubt, his resignation will be a big loss for the company.

No response from the company

With the company bypassing the promised shipment schedule, it remains to be seen as to whether the delay is attributed to the resignations of executives of the company.

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The employees who have left the company belong to top management, who are picked directly by Rubin when he formed the new company. The company is yet to respond the possible reasons for the mass resignations of the top-level management officials.

Hard to find replacements

With the exit of three top officials, Rubin will find it hard to find experienced people to lead the future of Essential. As of this writing, we don't have any idea as to whether the three executives have resigned after completing the work related to the upcoming Essential phone. Otherwise, the shipment of the Essential phone will again be delayed since the company has to finish several tasks before packaging the new handset.

Certifications passed

To recall, Rubin had revealed that the shipments of the Essential Phone would start within the next few days without actually revealing the exact date. With the smartphone receiving the required certifications from the Wi-Fi Alliance and FCC, the launch of the much-awaited Essential phone is not very far away.

Meanwhile, the Rubin-owned company is also reportedly working towards the release of a new Amazon Alexa type gadget named Essential Home. With the help of the voice-enabled product, it is possible to establish connectivity with appliances by using a touchscreen.