Weeks ago Atari announced that it was in the process of creating a PC based console. Atari is a beloved arcade gaming company that has fallen off in recent years. They are the creators of the classic and great games in "Pac-Man," "Asteroids," and of course "Ms. Pac-Man." The classic and prestigious company has recently released new Details on the upcoming console. They have stated what the system will look like and what it will bring to users.

The details

The new console will be called the Atari Box.

This will be the first system that they have made in a long time - 20 years to be exact. The team will be embarking on a brand new journey in the making of what promises to be a great console.


An article by Oscar Dayus via GameSpot gives details on the new information about the console. The company has stated "that they want to bring both current and classic gaming content to the device, which will contain "modern internal specs." The statements made by the brand seem very interesting. It seems they are trying to make a special and unique system never made before that combines both new and old.

Atari has stated their goal in a newsletter to fans, "Objective is to create a new product that stays true to our heritage while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari."

Two different versions

The system will contain two different versions. One version will be red and black, while the other will have a wooden finish. Fans will have to choose between the two or just buy both versions.

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Both variants, the company has stated will have "A smooth design, a front panel that can be either wood or glass, a front facing logo, indicator lights that glow through the material, and an array of new ports." The latest reports about the console are very exciting and if the brand is able to craft such a system, they will be unique.

However, no exact price or release date has been announced so far by Atari. Fans will have to wait to hear more updates on the console, but these are some new fascinating details so far. Atari will be looking to rebound from prior setbacks with the arrival of their new console.

Other brands making consoles

Atari is looking to compete with other competitors such as Microsoft and Sony. They are looking to get into the console war. Both Sony and Microsoft have had success with their consoles, but Sony holds the advantage for selling the most consoles.

Sony plans on releasing another system called the PlayStation 5, while Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox One X in November of this year. Early reports on the Xbox One X's performance have been released to the public for some games. Atari is banking on the fact that their new console will stay competitive with the new Xbox One X.

Nintendo has had extreme success with the debut of their consoles named the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Classic HD. The only issue for them has been in production, which they are hoping to fix for their new Super Nintendo Classic HD Edition System.