Apple fans are definitely excited as the American tech company celebrates its 10-year milestone for launching its iPhone series this 2017. But as the world awaits its most significant smartphone this year, predictions hinted some release date delays for the upcoming iPhone 8, citing some “technology issues” and key features problems.

Apple is known to launch its flagship smartphones every second week of September. Unfortunately, fans and tech gadget enthusiasts might not be able to see such release this year as analysts predicted a possible delay for the launch of its newest iPhone model.

Reasons for possible launch delay

This week, several reports emerged about the probable delay for Apple’s iPhone 8 release this September, saying it could be delayed for “three to four weeks.” On Wednesday, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts Wamsi Mohan and Stefano Pascale told the investors that the possibility of pushing back the launch schedule of the latest Apple smartphone is attributed to due to some tech feature problems like the device’s 3D-scanning and sensor technology, its “inductive” wireless charging technology and AMOLED screen/Touch ID feature.

According to the analysts, Apple and their supply chain partners in China are trying their best efforts to solve the said issues. In addition, the multinational tech company is also working hard to fix the software bugs that plagued the key security features of the upcoming iPhone 8.

Moreover, some reports also hinted that Apple is having some difficulties when it comes to the location of its Touch ID feature. There could also be a possibility that the latest iPhone model will be released without the Apple Pay support.

Facial recognition solution

Despite the tech issues that plagued the latest iPhone model, Apple is not the tech gadget company to experience issues when it comes to developing facial recognition systems and/or Touch ID sensor features.

Samsung once planned to include this smart Touch ID security feature to its Galaxy S8 smartphone model.

Unfortunately, the Korean tech firm failed to seamlessly augment the said specialized sensor systems. But with Apple, they might be getting close to perfecting it as reports hinted that they have been working on the facial recognition solution intended for iPhone 8 for at least 3 years.

Release date and design rumors

With the tech issues surrounding the latest Apple smartphone, it remains unclear when the problems will be fixed or resolved. But based on several speculations, the device’s release date could be scheduled in October or November 2017.

Meanwhile, the upcoming iPhone 8 will not only boast its innovative design but also its new colors, which reportedly come in four hues. It will also feature a “mirror finish,” a faster processor, an upgraded camera, a striking “edge-to-edge display” and a wireless charging feature.