Microsoft recently rolled out its Windows 10 Creators Update as well as the much-awaited Surface laptops. Now, the tech titan is anticipated to be working on bringing the highly anticipated Surface Phone to the market.

Tech fans and experts expected the tech company based in Redmond, Washington, to launch the Surface Phone last year, but, due to unknown reasons, the tech giant decided to postpone the roll out. While the Surface Phone has multiple leaks that have been revealed about what the device will look like, Ryan Smalley's imagination tops all of it.

Concept art of the Microsoft Surface Phone

The UK-based industrial designer Smalley recently posted some stunning concept art of the Microsoft's mobile device. Smalley stated that his concept art was primarily based on the Surface Phone’s speculations. However, Smalley’s concept art could indicate the arrival of the upcoming mobile device.

As the tech company recently patented foldable screen technology, the feature is expected to integrate with the upcoming Windows-based device. Although the tech company has not attested the claim, Smalley has represented the foldable screen technology in his concept art. Also, Smalley added an exclusive Surface Note Pen and a camera that has mixed-reality app capability.

Nonetheless, Microsoft's GM for Surface devices, Ryan Gavin, spoke to Business Insider about the company’s new Surface line-up, which includes the new Surface Pro as well as the Surface Studio. Aside from that, the General Manager for Surface products has pitched in an information about the company’s upcoming handset.

Even though the upcoming Microsoft mobile device will be a part of the Surface Brand, the handset will be different from the typical mobile devices in the market.

The foldable device will work as a smartphone and as a tablet.

Specs of Microsoft’s upcoming handset

Meanwhile, some rumored specs of the upcoming Surface Phone include Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor. The device will boast a 5.5-inch AMOLED display, a 4GB of RAM as well as a 64GB of internal storage. Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Phone will fall directly in competition with Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Apple's iPhone 8.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s upcoming mobile device will come along with basic connectivity options and a normal display. The tech company still hasn't made any official announcement regarding their upcoming handset, but tech enthusiasts are expecting Microsoft to roll out the forthcoming phone by the end of 2017.