Mac computers are preferred by many simply because they are considered to be more secure. Some say that the reason why it is safer is because its operating system is Unix-based which offers built-in security features. Also, some say that malware writers don't really target Mac because it has fewer users compared to Windows. Additionally, the security measures that Apple has is very challenging to penetrate.

Experts say Mac can still of course get viruses, and as a matter of fact, there have been multiple viruses and malware that have been documented.

Recently, two new malware have been discovered. Samples the malicious software have been offered for about two weeks now through Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) on the Dark Web.

Person behind new malware is 'inexperienced?'

Bleeping Computer spotted the two portals during a routine scan of the Dark Web. The sites are named MacSpy and MacRansom spyware. The same developer produced both portals, and these are offered to potential buyers and future support that could be needed for the malicious software. Security giants Fortinet and AlienVault said that the person behind this is an "inexperienced coder."

According to experts, the sites lack digitally signed files which means that if someone tries to install the malware, macOS will still be prompted and the user will get a warning about the installation.

MacSpy is advertised as the "most sophisticated Mac spyware ever.” For this, Mac users are encouraged to be extremely careful when installing applications.

Mac malware is becoming popular

MacSpy according to AlienVault, is the first one seen for the OS X platform. The author of MacSpy claims that it can capture screenshot every 30 seconds, and that once installed, there will be "no trace" that can be associated with the user.

It is said to also log keystrokes and record sounds even if the microphone is turned off. MacRansom, on the other hand, works the same as other ransomware, where your device will be held until a payment is made.

Security experts say there's no reason to worry because both MacSpy and MacRansom can easily be identified by most antivirus software.

However, they also said that since Apple devices are getting more and more popular, expect for more malware to be produced. To stay safe, download only apps and programs from the Mac App Store, professionals suggest. Apple may have long been advertising that Mac is safer, but users should not get too confident and must remain vigilant and cautious, especially when it comes to installing apps from third-party sources.