Apple Inc. just rolled out iOS 11’s first public beta, but Apple Device users are wondering if the operating system is worth a try. For one, the iOS 11 beta 1 is definitely a jailbreak killer, so jailbreak fans should refrain from installing the new OS. Also, the moment Apple’s new operating system starts running, it could open a door to unlimited headaches.

iOS 11 issues

The first public beta of iOS 11 is a giveaway, which means the release of the operating system is in a testing phase, so Apple device users would definitely deal with bugs and loads of them.

The public or developer beta rollouts mean only one thing, the mobile operating system is a menace to utilize, and in no way, the OS will get a person through the day. Nonetheless, if a person would really want to try the iOS 11 Beta 1, it is advisable to do it on a test device.

In terms of the smooth experience of iOS 11’s first public beta, Apple device users should need to know that developers have yet to make some adjustments with the upcoming OS versions. That means the OS will support fewer apps, so optimal experience is unlikely to happen.

Reports are claiming that the installation of Apple's operating system will make the iPhone or iPad become more power hungry, so the test run would need a portable charger.

As the mobile operating system has tons of unnecessary stuff, there is no way for a mobile device to last a day on a single charge.

Considering all of these iOS 11 issues, it's is recommended that before installing the beta 1, Apple device users will need to backup their files just to ensure a solid fallback when things will not go as expected.

iOS 11 features

In spite of that, Apple’s iOS 11 mobile operating system comes with several improved features. The update brings in the Messages in iCloud, a feature that syncs a user’s iMessage conversation between all of their Apple devices. The Messages in iCloud apparently offload attachments to iCloud servers, instead of the devices.

As texting, while driving is deadly, the Apple's OS brings in the Do Not Disturb (DND) While Driving feature. The Do Not Disturb feature prevents calls and messages from bugging the user while driving, or even at night and during meetings. The DND While Driving comes along with an Auto-Reply message that will automatically reply messages when someone tries to text the user.

In addition, other features of the Apple's OS include Siri’s more visual interface. Apple users can send money to each other by means of the Apple Cash Account and the App Store gets a whole revamped.