Fans are anticipating the launch of AMD Threadripper. A strategic move from Intel ensues.

Intel vs AMD

As pointed by numerous news publications, Intel has always been competitive in the market. Especially since the launch of AMD Ryzen CPU in the market, Intel can consistently be observed as a strong competitor. Moreover, the positive feedback given to AMD Ryzen CPU has only further improved the impressive status of the Ryzen chips. The market, therefore, is currently being dominated by CPU manufacturer AMD. However, even after X299 chipset and Intel’s Core I9 variants were launched, the PC building community seems to invest more attention in AMD’s upcoming Threadripper launch.

Several experts believe that the AMD Threadripper will be preferred over Intel’s any offerings because the latter was deemed more frustrating in terms of performance. Much to the surprise of AMD — who now seems to be dominating the market even before the launch of its product. Multiple reports have started claiming that AMD is expected to take the wraps off its heavily-speculated AMD Threadripper CPU before Intel launches any of its new products.

Threadripper CPU launch

According to a new online report, AMD is expected to launch its much-awaited Threadripper CPU by the end of July this year. Meanwhile, Intel is believed to unveil its Core i9 Extreme Edition in October. Whether AMD stands at an advantage due to this particular move is something that will be known only with time.

However, there are many who believe that Intel is purposely delaying the launch until October. Several experts view Intel’s strategic move as proof of their intent to improve features after they can see what AMD has to offer. In other words, Intel wishes to tweak its features after the company takes a look at what Threadripper has to offer.

This wouldn't the first time that a company is pulling off such a deed. This is quite an old trick in the technology market. However, whether this will actually help Intel in any way is still unknown. Prices for both products are still unknown. However, AMD is believed to be opting for a disruptive pricing option, and Intel might settle in for something cheaper.