Despite the criticism of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin, the new type of currency is still pretty much in demand and continues to attract new followers. As this time, one single Bitcoin is now worth almost $3,000, and there is no sign that its value will be going down anytime soon. With the possible increase in the value of other alternative coins or altcoins, there is now a demand for more powerful GPUs to mine them.

Demand for AMD products

Mining coins usually require very powerful processors to crunch the numbers of online coin exchanges. For providing the computational power, miners earn a small fraction of the digital coin for their efforts.

Mining Bitcoins is currently very impractical for individual miners who are using commercially available hardware. This is why there is currently a big shift towards mining altcoins. Different altcoins can still be sold or traded on numerous Digital Currency exchange websites, which is why miners around the world continue to thrive.

AMD’s new Polaris-based GPUs are currently the best products to use when it comes to mining digital coins. The main reason for this is the line of product’s ability to provide the best computational chips without drawing excessive amounts of power to do so.

Supply versus demand

The card’s ability to number crunch huge amounts of data, while being power efficient, has drawn a lot of miners to buy the GPUs in bulk. This has caused an apparent shortage for gamers, who are now finding it hard to purchase GPUs from online and offline retailers, specifically the newly released Radeon RX 500-series GPUs.

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AMD has acknowledged this problem and has mentioned that the gaming industry is of course still their number one priority. An AMD spokesperson also mentioned in an interview with CNBC that they are very much aware of the solid demand for their RX 500 cards in the resurgent digital currency mining market.

Possible dedicated mining GPUs

With a majority of AMD’s Gpu being bought out by miners, the company and its competitors may very well consider launching a dedicated graphics card specifically built for cryptocurrency mining. The currently available GPUs themselves are not really designed for mining, which is why a dedicated product would make a lot of sense. The release of dedicated mining GPUs would also allow the gaming GPU's themselves to be purchased by gamers instead of miners, which would be a win-win situation for both the companies and the end-users.