The first year anniversary of "Pokemon GO" is fast approaching and it would only make sense that Niantic would prepare something for its celebration. The game that took the world by storm and had gamers getting up on their feet and finally exploring the world again (albeit with their eyes still glued to their phones) is celebrating its first year this July 6, and it looks like Niantic will be rolling out a "legendary" summer update. According to Comic Book, several individuals linked to "Pokemon GO" have let slip that some Legendary Pokemon will finally debut in the game.

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Such Pokemon that fans are looking forward to are Mewtwo, Articuno, and Ho-Oh, among many others. Rumors of a "Legendary" summer update began when Niantic's Archit Bhargava accepted not one but five Webby Awards for the company's success with the augmented reality game.

He closed his acceptance speech with the statement, "This summer will be legendary," which caused gamers and fans to speculate on what exactly it meant.

Niantic might hold massive event to launch Legendary Pokemon

Back in March, Mirror reported that Niantic chief executive John Hanke hinted that the Legendary creatures will come to "Pokemon GO" before this year ends. It is likely that they would release such Pokemon during the first anniversary of the game through a "Legendary" summer update. He also hinted that the game will definitely evolve to accommodate other gameplay avenues such as wearable tech. Hanke explained, "We’re going to take advantage of the wearables that exist today while we wait and work with partners to bring to market A.R. glasses and other forms of advanced A.R. technology.

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With Pokemon GO, we’re only getting started with the game."

Trackers still in use by 'Pokemon GO' gamers

While waiting for the Legendary creatures to arrive, gamers are still utilizing the trackers available in the app to find their precious Pokemon. When "Pokemon GO" was first released, third party apps were developed by fans, but Niantic was quick to crack down on these apps and immediately cut off access in a major update. According to Eurogamer, players can still utilize a tracking tool called radars. The sighting radar tracker is basically a tool that lets gamers see Pokemon in the immediate vicinity, but does not disclose how far they are or the exact location.

This is only usable when there aren't any PokeStops nearby. The nearby radar tracker, however, shows specific Pokemon in terms of the nearby PokeStops. Tapping on the Pokemon will also show players the close up view of the Pokestop, while a second tap will show the map and route to the particular PokeStop. In the meantime, players will have to keep their eyes glued on Niantic, in case they release the "Legendary" summer update this July.