Everyone is getting excited for the Pokemon Go Adventure Week same as how they anticipated every Pokemon Go event. While many gamers enjoyed getting some shiny Pokemon and water Pokemon in their respective events, and the Grass-type Pokemon last week, Niantic has a new event that goes live today.

For sure, fans of the game are now getting ready for the Adventure Week Rock-type event which will run from May 18 until May 25.

What will happen during the event

In the duration of the event, players will be receiving more items from Pokestops. Buddy Pokemon can get more Candy as you walk around together to look for Pokemon. The Candy can also be acquired four times faster which is perfect for players who wants to evolve their Pokemon.


Those who would like to purchase Poke Balls can avail it from the in-game shop with a 50% discount. Players will also get the chance to use the brand new Explorer's Hat from the wardrobe section. But these aren't the most exciting thing about the event yet. Pokemon Go players will be able to get catch more Rock-type Pocket Monsters since they will appear with greater frequency.

Rock-type Pokemon

So what are the Rock-type Pokemon that players can get during this event? While most fans would love to get the rare Aerodactyl, there are still more monsters that they can get.

This would include Larvitar, Pupitar, Kabutops, Sudowoodo, Geodude, Rhyhorn, and Omastar. Gamers will also have the chance to easily get Kabuto, Graveler, Rhydon, Tyranitar, Onix, Shuckle, Omanyte, Golem, and Magcargo.

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Honoring memories

The event's aim is not just to encourage fans to play the game or those who stopped playing to return to the game. The Pokemon Go Adventure Week Rock-type event is actually a way to honor the memories of the game since its launching last year.

Niantic said that in December 2016, players collectively walked past the distance from the Earth to Pluto and as of now, the collective walking distance is equivalent to a journey around the solar system. Players have already traveled more than 15.8 billion kilometers as of May 11.

The game developer added that players can make new memories as they walk around, exercise and explore the world. Hence, they would like to honor the memories that were created through the game as well as the collective journey of the players worldwide through the Adventure week.


The event will focus on a certain type of Pokemon each week.