Although Playstation 4 is selling well and many gamers are having a great time with it, there is still a possibility that Sony may release the PlayStation 5. But the release date of the next Sony console won't be happening this year. There are many predictions about the console and there are also reports which are based on the speculations of Maquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong.

PS5 release predictions

Thong said that the Xbox Project Scorpio and the Ps4 Pro will be facing a new rival soon. He is considered as a credible source by gamers because of his predictions about the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro were right.

But some are saying that Thong's predictions aren't anything new as he announced that the PlayStation 5 might be released this September. But according to other reports, the device will possibly be out in the second-half of 2018.

Another thing that sparked the speculation for the PS5 release next year is the statement of PlayStation system architect Mark Cerny who said that the PS4 pro was not a next-gen console. Since the PlayStation 4 has already been around for five years, there is indeed a possibility that Sony will be releasing their next-gen console soon. As for the PS4 Pro, it isn't really designed for everyone but only for users who would like to get the best out of their 4K televisions.

With this, Sony might indeed be creating PS5.

If we look into the previous releases of Sony, next year would indeed be a good year to either release PlayStation 5 or announce its release in the next few years to come. Other fans of the console are saying that if it will not be out on the market next year, a 2020 release could be possible.

This would be in time for the launching of games like Grand Theft Auto 6.

Possible features

Cerny also said that the new generation of consoles will be bringing a new set of capabilities which include a better CPU, GPU, and controllers. There might also be new types of display devices. He added that the capabilities of PlayStation 5 will unlock new potentials for games and will provide a better gaming experience.

Speculations indicate that the upcoming PS5 will be using the latest CPU architecture from AMD and a 4x boost to its computer power. It will also have more memory and will utilize a GPU that is an improved version of the Radeon technology. But if there is one thing that fans are looking forward to, it is the list of gaming titles that will be played on PlayStation 5.