Niantic Labs has now announced a brand new Event for their highly popular augmented reality mobile video game, "Pokémon Go." The new event will arrive just ten days after the end of the previous grass-themed event called "Worldwide Bloom." The new event, which is being called "Adventure Week," will be focusing on rock-type Pokémon this time around. However, unlike the previous event, this week's event will contain a lot more bonuses and discounts that should make participating in it worthwhile for fans.

Random event announcement

In a recently published blog post, Niantic revealed that they launched the new event to celebrate players walking a total of 15.8 billion kilometers since the game was launched.

The figure itself is somewhat arbitrary and Niantic may just be using it as just another excuse to launch an event seeing as there is no particular holiday that will be happening over the weekend. Despite the somewhat random reasoning, the event is still a welcomed one, especially for players who are looking to finally evolve their rock-type Pokémon.

Rock-type Pokémon

Niantic specifically mentioned several rock-type Pokémon, including Omanyte, Kabuto and Aerodactyl. The game does contain a good number of rock-type Pokémon that span from Gen 1 to Gen 2 creatures. It also has to be noted that a ground-type is different from a rock-type, but a lot of Pokémon do possess both elements.

Jam packed event

Aside from increasing the spawn rate of rock-type creatures for everyone around the world, the upcoming event will also be adding a few bonuses for those who will be participating. The event will be taking place tomorrow, May 18, and it will end next week, on May 25.

According to Niantic, all of the Pokéstops will be dropping additional items for everyone.

A new wardrobe item, called the Explorer's hat, will also be made available to players for free during the duration of the event. Those who are short on Pokéballs can pick them up at half the price within the in-game store.

The most important feature, however, has to be the significant increase in the candy drop rate for Buddy Pokémon.

During the event, all Buddy Pokémon will be getting 4x the normal amount of candies. This means that players will be able to significantly increase the number of candies they have for a specific Pokémon, which most would know is a rather tedious endeavor to achieve without the added bonus.