Google Duo has been doing really well in the app market by crossing over 10 Million downloads in the Android Play Store alone, and is now expanding to audio-only calls for regions with lower bandwidth internet connection. The app has changed its interface by adding a video or audio call toggle on the top which when selected, shows you contacts with the option of calling them. The option is first rolling out in Brazil, with a promise to expand to other users worldwide.

What is Google Duo?

Google Duo is yet another communication platform from Google, which has had a very good response from users.

Users are already pleased by the news and are anticipating the feature to roll out to them as soon as possible. Google Duo is different from the likes of FaceTime by providing multi-platform support, but also stands apart from other services such as Skype and the rest by going completely material and simple.

In markets like India where users are predominantly dependent on applications like WhatsApp for text, audio and video calling, Duo promises to deliver premium service to users by promising multi-platform video and audio calls while not compromising in back-end support. But, when it comes to choosing from Google's own communication services like Hangouts and the rest, a line has to be drawn.

What about Allo?

Users were already settled and happy with long-time communication services when Google debuted Allo, their another texting application (eye roll) with Duo. Allo has definitely not caught up with the powerful competition and has clearly lost the race to the other apps out there in the market even with introducing the Google Assistant to Android phones other than the Pixel and also with high-end Artificial Intelligence.

But with more and more people dropping out of Facebook and moving on to other applications, for their day-to-day needs, Google is putting all hands on deck and moving in with Duo to make it a daily driver for users who need both audio and video calls in a simple and easy to use interface. Cause, if it's Google, they can.